Commercial premise with the area of 1,026 sq.m. in Krasnogvardeysky Rayon of Saint Petersburg

Starting price
87 000 000 ₽
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Miroshkina Anna


For sale is offered a pool of built-in non-residential premises located on the first floor of an apartment building (Residential Complex Toive), the developer of which was YIT Corporation.
Together with the premises the rights to the land plot with the area of 709 sq.m. are transferred.
Address: 24 bldg 1 (liter 1), Respublikanskaya Ulitsa, Saint Petersburg.
Total area of premises: 1,025.9 sq.m. 
Possible separate sale of parts of the premises:
  • 118 sq.m. - the cost of 15,000,000,000 rub.
  • 908 sq.m. - the cost of 69,000,000,000 rub.
Remoteness from the main transportation hubs:
  • Novocherkasskaya metro station - 700 m.;
  • Ladozhskaya metro station - 1.7 km.;
  • Zanevsky Prospect - 550 m.;
  • Nevsky Prospect - 2.5 km.;
  • WHSD - 4 km.
Variants of use:
  • The object may be of interest for purchase both for own needs and for renting out. There are several independent entrances to the building both from the main facades and from the courtyard.
  • The premise is universal and can be used for placement of any objects of commercial purpose, sphere of services, as well as private medical institution, office, children's educational center or garden, co-working, etc.
  • Volume planning solutions, as well as the presence of separate separate entrances allow to allocate independent commercial premises of a smaller area in the future.
  • Allocation of smaller premises in street retail format (with separate entrances) increases the profitability of the project. This format of space usage allows not to lose the leased space. Rental rates for premises in comparable objects located in this location are in the range of 800-2,000 rub. per sq.m. per month.