Investment project of the summer youth resort and entertainment complex of international class PortOle!

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Akimova Yulia


For sale is offered 100% of the authorized capital of RealCom Portal LLC - the owner of the land plot intended for the implementation of the investment project on creation of a federal resort and recreation cluster on the sea coast, the anchor project of which may become the youth resort complex PortOle! with the developed design, survey and marketing documentation. The project involves the creation of a large-scale complex of hotel and entertainment real estate, combined with a park of summer holidays on the coast with the concept of the summer youth «capital» of Russia for the target audience of about 30 million people - the center of summer life of the country at sea, the venue of the largest key summer events in the main areas of youth culture: sports, music, contemporary art and cybersports.

The resort is conceived as a means of long-term social and information contact with the youth audience in the environment of their natural interests and as a kind of modern «living» media resource, covering the entire Russian-speaking space.

The project site is located on the way of the transit traffic in the Crimea near the town of Anapa, a resort hub of the Krasnodarsky Krai. Unusual natural characteristics of the site, its wide sea front are attractive conditions for the consistent development of its entire territory and the placement on it of a complex of objects of various recreational purposes. A resort real estate cluster may be created on the basis of the existing land asset, where the first anchor project will attract hotel investors - buyers of land lots for satellite projects.

Address: within the boundaries of Kuchugury, Temryuksky Rayon, Krasnodarsky Krai.
Area of the territory: 835,260 sq.m. (83.5 ha).
Category of a land plot: lands of settlements.

An agreement was signed with the Administrations of Krasnodarsky Krai and Temryuksky Rayon to assist in the implementation of the project. The project is supported by Rostourism, included in the section «Tourist-recreational and autotourism clusters, investment projects, special economic zones of tourist-recreational type», «Scheme of territorial planning of development of the Krasnodarsky Krai until 2031», there is a prospect of financing from the State Corporation Vnesheconombank in the presence of an investor who meets the conditions of the State Corporation VEB. The project complies with the requirements of the Federal Target Program of the Russian Federation Development of Domestic and Inbound Tourism for 2019-2025 to finance infrastructure costs at the expense of budget funds.

The PortOle resort was designed by the architect of the best building built in the world in 2011 (Media-ICT in Barcelona), Enric Ruiz-Geli and Cloud 9 bureau. A video on the planning solution, structure, elements and quality of the future environment of the resort, presenting the scope and design of the project at:

PortOle as a project of federal importance would have high recognition in Russia and very high attendance due to the work in the format of an entertainment park due to its proximity to the resort clusters of Anapa and Gelendzhik and automobile tourist transit to the Crimea, as well as has good commercial indicators due to the combination of hotel function and paid one-day visit on a single entertainment core: profitability (IRR = 23.6%), payback period (7.3 years), proceeds (5.2 billion rub. per season).