The AHRF was elected as the official seller of property of KhMAO-Ugra until 2022

Following the results of the tender selection, the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) was elected the official seller of the property of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra, which is realising within the framework of privatization.
The contract with the AHRF will be concluded for two years. According to the terms and conditions of the contract, the AHRF will hold bidding for the sale of regionally owned blocks of shares, shares in the authorized capital, real estate and movable property.
Within the limits of the given contract the AHRF will carry out a full complex of marketing and advertising actions on advancement of assets on the market, to place the information on objects in mass-media, to present them at business actions, profile exhibitions and fairs, to be engaged in search of interested buyers and to organize the auctions.
The services of the Auction House of the Russian Federation are FREE for the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra. In accordance with the Law on Privatization No. 178-ФЗ the services of the property seller are paid by the BUYER in excess of the sale price of the privatization object. Under this scheme the AHRF cooperates with Federal Agency for State Property Management, as well as with the Governments of Moscow Region, St. Petersburg, Astrakhan Region, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod.
The bidding will be held on the electronic trading platform of ETP AHRF - Lot-online.
The first auctions under the new agreement will be announced in the first quarter of 2020.
«The AHRF already has experience in selling the property of the Khanty-Mansiisk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra at the auction. Since 2011, in the interests of the region, the AHRF has concluded deals worth over 21.3 billion rub. Among the major transactions: 100% block of shares of the state AO UGORIA Insurance Company (2.9 billion rub.), Gostiny Dvor shopping and business center in Khanty-Mansiysk (358.7 million rub.), 100% block of shares in Khanty-Mansiysk Pharmacy (277.2 million rub.), 3,200 sq.m. of residential building on Krestovsky Island in St. Petersburg (260 million rub.). Under the new contract with Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District - Ugra we will do our best to once again confirm our efficiency and attract the maximum amount of money from the sale of assets to the treasury of the region», - says Grigory Nachinkin, Head of the Privatization Department of the AHRF.
The closest bidding is scheduled for March 20. The auction will take place within the framework of the previous agreement with KHMAO - Ugra.
For sale is offered 100% of shares of one of the leading enterprises in the market of timber and woodworking industry of Russia - Ugra Timber Holding JSC. Together with this block of shares, the investor will receive 100% of shares of Ugra-Plit JSC, a subsidiary of the holding, which produces chipboards.
The initial price of the lot is 3.1 billion rub.
Link to the bidding