Peak biddings for the sale of commercial real estate from Sberbank The Verny supermarket was sold in Planernaya Street in Saint Petersburg

On 22 Septeber the Auctiopn House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) held the biddings for the sale of non-core real estate of Sberbank in Saint Petersburg and Velikiy Novgorod.
The biddings in Petersburg showed a peak result.

The auction for the sale of the objects on Planernaya and Chapaev streets lasted several hours. During the biddings 70 and 62 steps to increase the price were made respectively.

As a result, a 3-storey building of the former Sberbank office with an area of 1,627 sq. m in Planernaya Street, where currently the Verny supermarket is located, was sold for the amount of 62 million rubles with an excess ratio of 14%.
Address: 47, building 3, letter A, Planernaya Street, Saint Petersburg.
Four bidders took part in the auction.

The premises with an area of 119 sq. m on the first floor of building 2, letter Б in Chapaev Street was sold with an excess ratio of 50% for the amount of 20.3 million rubles,
Seven bidders took part in the auction.

Besides, on the same day the premises in Velikiy Novgorod with an area of 650 sq. m in Mira Avenue, 44/20 was sold.
The premises, a Health Centre, was bought out by a tenant, LLC Zdorovye Medical Diagnostic Centre.
The price of the sale is 20.5 million rubles.